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... to the world of filtration, ultrafiltration, water purification, microtesting, air monitoring, pumps and bulk solids transfer.

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Recent Technologies

High Pressure Air Filters economical, low differential pressure, high flow and dirt holding capacity filters. Aluminium housings with operating pressure of up to 6090 psig and 3, 1, 0.01 cartridges with efficiency up to 99.9999%.

Quattroflow powerful diaphragm pumps suitable for exact dosing. Feature no particle shedding and almost no pulsation. Designed primarily for various biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Flow capacity up to 17.6 GPM.

Larox compact and economical peristaltic pumps. A perfect solution for accurate dosing and industrial transfer of various slurries, abrasive, aggressive, corrosive, viscous, and crystallizing media. Flow capacity up to 176 GPM.

LabPure reliable, high water quality industrial purification systems with 150, 250, 500, or 1000 gallon per day productivity.

HomeRO low-noise, expandable, 1440 gallon per day purification system for homes, ranches or farms that removes chlorine, insecticides, and organics from tap water.

SCCT-445P portable reverse osmosis purification unit for residential/office use with a conventional faucet. Provides up to 45 gallon of clear water per day.

In the News

 06 Dec 2006  Larox Flowsys has announced the launch of LPP80 peristaltic pump.  Designed to meet demands for heavy industrial duties in many mineral processing and metallurgical applications, the new pump has a 3" (80 mm) hose bore, a flow capacity of up to 176 GPM (40 m/h) and a maximum operating pressure of 108 PSI (7.5 bar). Please see an LPP80 datasheet for more detail.

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